Welcome to Asher's Personal Website!


The present website is in an ongoing process of building and growing.

The site is not professionally refined.  At the present stage I construct and maintain it single-handed. 

From time to time I add new sections and items within the sections. 

Whenever I find the time for it I update and improve.

This is a personal site that touches on many areas of activity and interest (most of them still do not show). Thus it is not targeted at a specific audience.  I guess that most of those who had the chance to come across me might be rather surprised to learn how active I am in areas that seem wide apart from each other.

Only part of this website is in English. Items written in both languages are quite few. 

I just want to give exposure to what I consider interesting in either language.

I realize that some non-Israeli surfers (according to their encoding) may find the right-hand side of the homepage illegible.  If this is the case - just ignore it...

As said above, I intend to keep on adding more stuff.

Much of it has been already written in other text formats, and its inclusion in the site requires time for adapting it to the Internet.

At the same time new material is added to the site, which is originally written for it.

This site is physically in the domain of the parent site http://www.HopeWays.org which has a public character and is edited by my friend Ehud Tokatly. I am deeply indebted to Ehud for opening for me the present personal website, and even more - for encouraging me to start operating it.

I was privileged several times to write in HopeWays. As may be seen in the menu, one can reach my articles there also from within the present site.

Thank you all for arriving here.  You are invited to tour in here the hitherto fairly modest contents, and to come again to see new stuff.    

I will be most grateful for any comment and criticism.

Yours, with respect and gratitude,

Asher Shla'in


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