A Strategy for Transformative Dialogue


Promoting a culture of dialogue with a reasonable level of authenticity and respect requires a bold, purposeful and realistic form of facilitating, such that will suit segments of the population which as yet don't find their place in customary frameworks.

The following are questions that arise in this context to which answers are suggested, to be discussed and criticized in the workshop.

* What is dialogue in this context, as distinguished from any other way of discourse?

* What achievements are expected from transformative dialogue?

* What are the values and principles that would guide a culture of dialogue?

* What are the basic tests of success?

* What is the potential target audience and how to address it?

* What are the effective barriers that arise in encounters?

* What are the characteristics of behavior and the rules of style for useful facilitation?

* How to deal with asymmetry and gaps, anger, accusations and vulnerabilities?

* What challenges the facilitator? Of what it is worth while to warn?

* What are the resources and characteristics to look for and advance among participants?

* Can the encounters serve as a laboratory for further development and improvement?

* How to extend the culture of dialogue to the world beyond the encounters?

* How to recruit and train facilitators?

* And more ...


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