A course of rebirth Asher Shlain

I wish the present to be a time of favour, so that the Universe will open to my need to be renewed.

I am surrounded by caring hearts, all open to me. This can warm my own heart.

I am ready now to feel as if I am well wrapped within a womb of compassion, toward a new opportunity.

If within myself there is anything tough, dry, coarse I wish it now to be softened, to freshen, to move.

For the duration of the present while, I give up any pressure, fear and worry, making space for courage and daring.

If anything within me is blocked, I wish it to get released, to flow.

I now find within myself the force necessary to accept my past and my personal history up to the present time.

I forgive myself for blunders and sins that did occur, and I ask for a new chance to open for me.

At present I am turning a brand new clean page. Within me I can feel the opening of space,

so free, so clear and lucid.

I wish to feel my inner unity, a concentration of my capability.

At this point I am ready to emerge from the womb of compassion to the air and light outside,

to a loving, accepting surrounding.

As soon as I come out and open my eyes, I am going to view the whole world with eyes of grace,

and the world will sense it, sure enough.

I consent to receive, and as well give, any share of the great affluence of light, joy and grace.

I offer thanks and blessing to the Universe for accepting me as I am now, renewed and empowered.