Workshop Aims

Acquaintance and experience with group work directed at empowerment of the individual, at first through new listening to internal feelings and then by sharing with group members; An opportunity for the workshop participant to meet internal sensations which have been hidden or forgotten, emphasizing what is precious and encouraging, and also to learn from what happens to the others

As of Theory

well as pictures and images, within one's body and apart from it, as a step toward taking blockages apart and encouraging mental and spiritual growth.  In the present workshop it is adapted to group work, creating the opportunity for meaningful shared process.


Some Expected accomplishments

                 Begins a formation of the skill to listen internally clear of self-criticism;

                 Identifying these things within oneself, that will help one to keep high morale and right self-image;

                 A chance to refresh one's personal priorities, emphasizing empowering factors neglected hitherto;

                 The personal experience is underlined and given a proper weight relative to external effects;

                 An atmosphere of interpersonal empathic listening and group support to the inner empowering;

                 Experiencing the postponement of self-criticism until after the emotional facts are identified.

One can hope that group members and facilitators experiencing the workshop and its potential products, will start relating to similar techniques. Thus, the number of people acquiring inner empowering will increase over time.

Planned Agenda

1.  Preparing the listening process.

2.  Guided listening according to key-questions.

3.  First circle of sharing.

4.  Detailed sharing in small teams along the line of the questions.

5.  Inter-personal reactions in plenary towards mutual empowerment.

6.  Theoretical discussion.

7.  Drawing professional lessons.




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