A. Sh.


If I were God,

I would, ceaselessly, indiscriminately,

Receive from each and every person, at each moment,

Every word spoken, aloud or in thinking,

Even a passing reflection, a glimpse of feeling, sensation and impression,

Also a dream forgotten while awakening, an emotion suppressed,

Things that throb in a person and have never been known to him -

All these I would take in, attach identifying tag to each item

To keep it belonging to its possessor permanently,

And I would store it with the rest of them in an eternal reservoir.


Maybe I would make mortals realize that someone is always listening,

Thus willingly - never bored, never impatient -

Never disconnects turning to something of more importance,

Because all is indeed precious, and there is meaning to each quiver.

Still, I might keep this project of mine half-secret,

So that the matter stays unclear, that they won't rely on it,

Won't leave to the Supreme all the listening to fellow people,

But they themselves would lend transient ear and heart

To collect the quivering impressions as long as they live.


As for me - I would maintain my celestial treasure whole and growing,

With the sounds, the colors, the scents,

With the moods, the creeds, the loyalties, the tears, the smiles -

On behalf of their speaker, their thinker, he who feels, he who longs -

And I would visit this treasure again and again:

Once a year or perhaps once a second,

Thus, speedily flying - yet extremely meticulous,

Examining each notion, tasting each emotion, reviving each sensation,

Projecting each picture, pondering over each idea -

In a way that only God could and a man can hardly say -

And recall a human by name - even after that one stopped thinking and feeling,

And I would re-experience all the riches of matters, again and again non-stop,


For ever and ever, knowing and witness


Like God alone.




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