Dialog Vs. Other Forms of Discourse

An Outline for Exploration

The word "Dialog" carries many meanings, e. g. (from a dictionary):

a: a conversation between two or more persons;

b: an exchange of ideas and opinions;

c: a discussion between representatives of parties to a conflict that is aimed at resolution.

In activities like those of B'sod Siah and similar organizations the term "dialog" is used with a more distinct (though not necessarily explicit) sense.
It is this sense that the present session explores by means of comparing Dialog with some other forms of discourse.

The selection of discourses to be viewed, encompasses:

Debate, Negotiation, Meeting of a working team, Quarrel of children, Tutorial, Quiz, Party.

The aspects serving for comparison includes:

A. Real purpose -

                                         Dealing with a problem or an assignment,

                                         Endeavor at a decision, consensus,

                                         Improvement of relationship,

                                         Strife for power, victory,

                                         Occasion to learn,

                                         Outlet for ideas and feelings,

                                         Effort to teach, educate,

                                         Good time.

B. Atmosphere components -

                                         Rational analysis,




                                         Hierarchy vs. equality




C. Rules -

                                         "Catch as you can",

                                         Conducted contents,

                                         Decided outcome,

                                         Time constrains,

                                         Language limitations

The focus of this exploration will be in clarifying the special character and scope of dialog.

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