The IDF Checkpoints

We hear of severe abuses in IDF checkpoints.

The following are several ideas for immediate implementation:

1. Redundant, ineffective checkpoints should be dismantled.

2. Revised orders to the soldiers will demand:

Treating civilians with respect,

Saving their time,

Apologizing for the necessary trouble,

Banning soldiers from receiving any benefit,

Dedication to the security mission, and protecting the soldiers' safety and dignity.

2. Commanders should be available to handle any difficulty or doubt.

3. Teaching the troops topics like:

Human rights and dignity,

Balance between justice and security,

The Arab population, its customs and needs;

All issues should be demonstrated and discussed openly.

5. Each checkpoint should have a clearly visible signpost, indicating a telephone number for complaints.  Qualified inspectors will handle both open and anonymous complaints.

6. "Checkpoint patrols" will inspect professionally the sites and talk with soldiers, civilians and volunteers.

7. An apology for past improper conduct will be published, explaining the security needs for the checkpoints and calling for better relations of respect and fairness.


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