Capability for Anger

A Hassidic story

The famous Rabbi, Yaakov Yitzhak Horovitz, who was called "The Seer of Lublin" had many Hassidim (followers) and an outstanding disciple, Yaakov Yitzhak of Pshiskha, whom they called "The Holy Jew".

Now This 'Holy Jew' formed a "court" and had Hassidim of his own.

Many of 'The Seer''s followers and especially his first wife, resented this.

It so happened that this wife died.

When 'The Jew' visited 'The Seer', his Rabbi, 'The Seer' said to him:

"You know, my wife died because of you".

"How come?" 'The Holy Jew' was puzzled.

"She annoyed you and was punished."

"I know nothing about this."

"So what did you do when she spoke to you that way?"

"I just said some psalms."

"You see? As I said - you are the cause."

"What should I have done?"

"You could get angry!"

"Please Rabbi, look into my heart and see whether I could do that."

So, 'The Seer' bent and looked into the heart of 'The Holy Jew'.   

Then he said:

"Indeed, this 'Holy Jew' of ours is not capable of being angry"... 



Retold by Asher Shla'in