Asher Shla'in

Receiving and Giving


Guided Energetic Work

Divide into Pairs preferably without prior recognition

Move the chairs to have distance between the pairs.

Sit facing each other, rather near.

Each pair decides among themselves who is A and who is B.

Now we start.

Look at each other. Listen and try to identify with the words.

Opening towards the Other

In front of me I see a person, quite like myself.

This person has an inner world just as I have one.

There are things that please him (or her) or that sadden this person.

In our deep roots we are siblings, brother, sister to each other.

At present, a passage has been opened between us for good stuff that is going to flow to and fro.

Word for All: Self-Opening, Getting ready to receive

In this world there are many good things that are meant to reach me.

I deserve to receive a lot of the good, in full affluence.

I have this inherent right that the world will recognize me, and fellow people will act on my behalf.

Indicating the giver and the receiver in the 1st stage.

Words for the Giver: Opening the Source of Giving

There exists such a time when I am capable of opening my doors toward the other, to share with the other some of the good that exists within me. When my treasure opens for the giving - at the same time it is renewed and enriched.

An Action of giving and receiving

The giver and the receiver, each one is in his or her role.

We are in process.

Mind and feel what one gives and receives: A pleasant look, maybe a smile, caring, blessing, encouraging, esteem and respect, sympathetic sharing in whatever there is, letting the energy flow over.

- The action of Giving gets connected to the universal sources of affluence.

- The receiving may be accompanied by sharing with widening circles.

So it goes. Are you in it? Keep giving, keep receiving - a look, a smile....

This stage draws to an end. Each party returns to oneself.

Each Participant conducts now an inner survey

Look inside yourself:

Does he, the Giver, feel now certain satisfaction? Do you, Giver, feel that you had some impact with the receiver?

Does the Receiver feel that he got something? that the inner treasure has gained from the event? Does the receiver feel any gratitude? At least for the effort of the Giver?

Roles switch now within the pairs

In short repeat now the Readiness for the Receiver and the opening for the Giver.

Activating the same course in the returning direction.

An inner survey after the recent course.

An experiment for everybody, for few minutes:

Let us try to give and take simultaneously. Imagine now a 2-way movement of what you give and what you receive.

Sharing the experience with one another

Then: Sharing with the rest - who cares to do so.



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